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With cloud computing you may have hundreds, even thousands of production contacts ranging from A-Z. Depending on the current production or project you're on, you tend to associate with smaller groups among your larger network.  

As your contact list grows, valuable connections become forgotten and your list becomes outdated. When your "A" team is un-available for your next quick project, filtering through your extended network becomes a job in itself. Mass texting and emailing endless contacts to fill a few positions is not our idea of fun. 

Enter Freelance Film Crew! Someone in your network is "AVAILABLE", "HIRING" or has the "EQUIPMENT" you need. Our Patent Pending contact filter with invite system saves time and energy. We created this software to assist ourselves and our community with scheduling,filling open dates with work, locating equipment and keeping our contact tabs up to date. No more mass texting and endless phone calls! 

We're long standing members of the entertainment and advertising community. We respect privacy and do not sell user databases to the highest bidder, like other FREE apps do. For the cost of 1 cafe latte per month, your privacy and information is secure.

All feedback and requests are very important to us. We will continually strive to refine this service for you and for our industry.

Download the app now to enjoy what thousands of other department heads and crew members do: 

Schedule your "A" team with ease.
Make new connections. 
Track your jobs and files. 

Post your "AVAILABILITY" dates.
Update your contact tab.

Rent equipment.



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